Why Tilly Home Of Teacups

Our main priority is loving uniting families with their life time
companion and family member!

Welcome! Tilly Home Of Teacups mindfully selects puppies from reputable breeders and provides our customers with the most adorable teacup puppies you can ever find.

We have the most adorable teacup puppies for sale such as: Yorkie, Malti Poo, Chichuachua and Pomeranian.

We have high standards regarding the breeding and health of our pups and provide puppies only from license breeders that meets the appropriate standards of teacup breeding such as health, environment and temperament. Furthermore, our breeders are USDA certified and they are involved in continuous activities meant to keep all of our teacup puppies healthy, both physically and emotionally.

Our puppies are considered as part of our family and each team member spends time with all puppies and directly involved with their good health. Our priorities are to ensure the health of our puppies by keeping permanently in touch with our breeders and veterinarian team. Our puppies are guaranteed against any congenital diseases. Our small dog breeds are carefully chosen depending on their good health, temperament and well-bred look. Furthermore, all of them are checked up by a veterinarian. We warranty the puppies free from Distemper, Hepatitis, Corona Virus for a one year period from the date of the purchase.


We are pleased to invite our costumers to visit each breed page on our website to find out more details about our puppies and to choose a pup that perfectly fits your lifestyle. You’ll find also our customers’ opinions on our “Reviews” page. In order to have a complete perspective about our puppies. Our puppies are fascinating, joyful, playful and graceful. You’ll make the best decision if you choose a puppy according to its breed’s characteristics, temperament and depending on your lifestyle. Please take into account the free time you’ll have to spend with it. All you have to do is to always greet it with love and attention and both of you will be happy. You can set up an appointment to meet and pick up your puppy if you are within reasonable driving distance from us but shipping is always available by our nanny service. If you choose a puppy from us, you’ll be asked to complete a vet check within 3 – 7 days of taking possession. You must keep the pup under regular care of a licensed veterinarian.


Our team at Tilly Home Of Teacups will do the best for it’s costumers. If you have a company tempting you with small, good-looking and good pedigree puppies at a lower price then it may possibly be a large dog when fully grown. Tilly Home Of Teacups does not mislead our costumers for a wrong purchase. Our goal is to set a reasonable price and sell the best puppies at a bubble-free price. Tilly Home Of Teacups does not advertise teacup puppies which will grow up to a big and regular size dogs. Tilly Home Of Teacups does not advertises good-looking puppies which will grow up to be ugly and unhealthy dogs in the future. Tilly Home Of Teacups does not advertise a puppy in the picture and video and then send a different puppy when a customer places an order. With Tilly Home Of Teacups, you will never experience such disappointment and frustration. If you have a puppy that is different from what you order, you will have the legal right to request a full refund or choose another puppy from our available puppies. It is our promise. If you need any other information, please contact us. Don’t forget to take a look at our “Gallery” page. You’ll be enchanted by our tiny puppies!